Learning is fun and easy. In fact, it happens at its best when done without even realising it.

This is the key foundation of all that we try to achieve with our software.


We will deliver a set of applications that will help our children pick up and learn so many of the basic skills we need to survive in today’s world.


Try ABC Beginner in Afrikaans on Android or Apple IOS depending on what type of tablet or phone you have. It should be easy to pass to your child to have some fun with.


Our applications are intended to have 2 versions, one which has no annoying adds, and one that is free but will have some adds which are registered as being child aware. The reason for the adds on the free software is that we need to somehow cover the costs of developing our software and hopefully earn enough income to divert more of our resources towards building more educational fun.


Any constructive feedback is welcome. The current software already reflects feedback from many people including both teachers and parents which we are very appreciative of.


If you have issues with a particular device, or feature in a game please do report it so we can investigate and improve.




Privacy Policy


The paid (adds free) versions of our applications will not collect any personal information but may record some general technical and usage information.


The free versions of our applications that show adverts, use unity adds as a provider. We mark the ads service as rated for children under the age of 13, but the service is in control of the providers. To opt out of personalized adds please use your general google or apple privacy settings.


For more details, please look at the unity privacy policy. Unity is the engine that powers our applications. We only use the adds services on the free apps. Our paid applications use none of the add on services.

Unity privacy policy: https://unity3d.com/legal/privacy-policy


By installing any of our software we take the act of installation as your acceptance of our privacy policy.


Contact details


Support or trouble shooting – email abcsupport@exploreahead.com


Feedback and comments are welcome on Google App Store and in the Itunes store. If you need to discuss in more detail or have more lengthy feedback feel free to email abcfeedback@exploreahead.com


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